Framed Wall Insulation

Framed wall insulation is ideal for solid walls, external insulation can be an excellent way to efficiently insulate the home and reducing energy loss whilst ensuring the building is kept warm. Furthermore, It can be effective at reducing draughts, increasing the wall’s lifespan and also ensures that space inside the property is not wasted.

Masonry Wall Insulation

Installed on the exterior of a building, masonry wall insulation can improve energy efficiency by delivering excellent thermal performance. It can also enhance outer wall appearance and provide additional benefits, such as moisture resistance. For fire rated insulation slab and boars that knit together to prevent gaps, purchase exterior wall insulation from the range below.

Rainscreen Insulation

There are a wide variety of proprietary rainscreen cladding systems available most of which have the insulation installed on the external face of a masonry wall, this helps to keep internal temperatures stable by storing heat in the winter and reducing solar gains in the summer.