Stair Spindles

The spindles that you choose for your staircase can have a huge impact on the overall look of your home. Spindles are the vertical struts that connect the handrail to the baserail of your staircase. They are most commonly made using wood and can be turned into many shapes and designs – both contemporary and traditional. More recently other materials have started to be used, such as metal, iron and glass.

Whether you are looking for expertly turned, classic pine stair spindles that add a unique twist to a traditional style or a more intricate, double reeded design available in a range of timbers – Stockport Timber have it covered, and everything else in-between.

Newel Posts and Turnings

A newel post is the structural upright post that fits at the beginning and the end of a staircase and supports the handrail of a stair banister. The most important job of a newel post is to provide structural support, but that does not mean that they can’t be used to enhance the look and feel of your stairs. Newel posts have long been embellished with decorative elements such as timber mouldings or are actually carved or turned themselves.

Stockport Timber have a superb range of newel posts available that will enhance your staircase and create a stylish focal point.

Newel Bases

Stockport Timbers newel bases are available in a range of designs and timbers. Whether you are a looking for a simpler blank design or Stop Chamfered newel base, we can help. All timbers available for our newel bases can easily be stained, varnished and painted to suit your taste.

Newel bases can be ordered in pine, oak, ash, hemlock and more depending on style.

Newel Caps

Newel caps can be the perfect finishing touch to a staircase, therefore here at Stockport Timber we have a large range including a variety of style and timbers. Whether you are looking for classic oak ball newel cap or an oak and chrome flat newel cap, we have exactly what you desire.

Handrails for Stairs

Stair handrails can be the main attraction when it comes to a staircase. With available timbers including hemlock, oak, pine and white primed, Stockport Timber have everything you could ever want and desire. In addition to various designs and timbers, we also have a range of Wall Mounted Handrails, which are also available in a range of timbers. Stair handrails need to be sturdy and strong to be able to add style and substance, the handrail goes above spindles which in turn attach to the baserail – some users have mixed and matched the materials used with handrails, spindles and base rails for a truly unique look.

All handrails are available in a range of lengths and are therefore suited to any size staircase. If you’re struggling to figure out what’s best for your project please get in touch or call us on 0161 432 8777


When you are thinking of your stair design, the baserail is likely to be far from your thoughts. A baserail is a small but important part of the design process though, and can add the perfect touch to your stairs. Not only do they add a finishing touch, they are also an essential safety feature that ensures that your stair spindles are securely held in position.

At Stockport Timber, all of our balustrade designs come with matching baserails to securely position your balustrades and ensure that your stairs stay secure and look wonderful for years to come.

Continuous Fittings

Continuous fittings are used to join handrails on starcases so they continue around corners, across landings and up, or down, inklines. They are also commonly used and the end of handrails to add a decortive flourish.

Whether you are looking for the perfect finishing touch with a tandem cap or volute or looking for high quality up easings, quarter turns or goose necks, we have everything you need.

All continuous fittings at Stockport Timber are available in a range of timbers that can easily be stained, painted and varnished to suit your taste. Timbers include hemlock, oak, pine and more.